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Performigrations: People Are the Territory is a transnational project developing an interactive and performative art-installation to make visible the mobile territory created by the movement of people across Europe and between Europe and Canada. More traditional forms of art integrated with new ICT will develop an interactive platform that will use new geo-locative technologies to display old and new forms of storytelling.
Performigrations has been designed by a network of 16 high-profile European and Canadian Institutions to consolidate a new approach to people's storytelling and promote awareness of what brings us together as both Europeans, Canadians and world citizens in spite of (or because of) cultural change. The European and Canadian cities involved are: Athens, Bologna, Klagenfurt, Lisbon, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
Performigrations is one of the projects selected for funding by EACEA, Strand 1.3.5 -- Special Measures: Cooperation with Third Countries (Canada), Culture

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