GRAPHIC VIDEO: Peru bullfighter badly gored during ring battle

28 Jun 2013 00:56 27
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A Peruvian bullfighter is lucky to be alive after he was badly injured during a battle in the Cuzco region. Alex Matamoro slipped during his standoff and was then attacked by the bull. The injured and riled animal caught him in the leg with its horns and swung him around in the air for several seconds before dumping him on the ground.

However, the bull continued to go for Matamoro only eventually stopping once other matadors came to his aid. Miraculously Matamoro is expected to fully recover. The incident reignites the debate over whether bullfighting and bull runs should continue in Peru. Supporters say it is an important part of the country's culture but protesters say it is an outdated and cruel bloodsport. Report by Ashley Fudge.

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