Coyote stalks and starts going in for attack on elderly lady and dog

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Coyote stalks elderly lady and small dog in city. Caught on tape. Had to stop filming because I thought the coyote was going to attack the lady but she started yelling and waving the stick. Coyote backed off. Location Burnaby B.C. Canada.
I tried to scare off this coyote for 3 weeks (before this video) and called the conservation officer but the coyote kept coming around stalking and growling at kids. Conservation officer told me he could not do anything unless the coyote bites someone. So I captured this footage to prove just how aggressive this coyote was. I did not want to wait until the coyote attack a child. Coyote disappeared after media pick up the story.
Keeping Safe Around Coyotes
If you live in an area that has a coyote population, these items can help you stay safe:
Personal alarm or whistle -- deters the animal and can get help for you if necessary.
Carrying a cell phone for emergencies is also helpful.
Carry a flashlight and an umbrella, both are known to deter coyotes from approaching you (open and close the umbrella and shine the light at them)
Avoid letting your pet off leash to roam freely while you walk. Keep your pet leashed.
Avoid walking during heightened coyote activity times, dusk and dawn.
If you are approached, stretch out your arms and legs to make yourself appear large and make noise. Stay calm. Never run.
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