3 Reasons Why Bangor Is NOT for You

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Are you thinking of studying in Bangor University? Here are 3 reasons why moving to Bangor might not be for you. Basically, these are the facts that I would have loved to know before moving to Bangor, Wales myself. It's my personal opinion, but one can't deny that most places in Bangor are old and shabby, the weather is terrible and the hills are killing the students.

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This is my eighth vlog. I included footage of some pretty sunsets, a time-lapse of Snowdonia mountains, unboxing the christmas present that my dad sent me, containing a ton of gingerbread cookies, risalamande, Danish history books, quince tea and a wok! As I had exams, I also included some footage of revision for my zoology exams. We also celebrated Mango's birthday and went house hunting for student accommodation.

Thank you so much for watching this vlog!

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