Bizarre Albino Animals

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Here are the top 16 strangest and most rare albino creatures out there. You've never seen an albino kangaroo or even a white skunk!

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9. An Albino Peacock
Like with most animals that are prone to albinism, they can sometimes be classified as albinos when in reality they actually aren’t one. This is because people often mistake the animal’s all white color as a true sign of albinism, especially in white peacocks, but there’s a way to figure out if an animal is a true albino. Just look into their eyes. If their eyes are red that means they’re lacking pigment and they definitely are an albino. If their eyes are black or any other color than red, then they have another condition called leucism that is only a partial loss of pigment.

8. An Albino Lobster
Most of the albino creatures that have been discussed so far have been classified as vertebrates so it's definitely rare that this is the first invertebrate. This albino arthropod is pretty rare but then again lobsters also have other colorations that are considered even rarer, such as the yellow or blue lobster.

7. An Albino Manta Ray
Much like other animals that suffer from albinism, this manta ray struggles to stay hidden from potential predators without the help of camouflage since pigmentation is required. Though spotting an albino manta ray in real is rare, they have been notoriously spotted near Sumbawa Island, Indonesia and northern Borneo, Malaysia.

6. An Albino Cobra
This albino cobra named Goya was specifically bred to be albino and is the only one of his siblings to survive. Given to the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust as a gift, Goya could not survive in the wild because normal cobras are able to camouflage into their surroundings while his albinism doesn’t allow him to. Because of his sensitivity to light, he would have to spend most of his days indoors and fed 5 live mice a day.

5. An Albino Hummingbird
The hummingbird is known as the smallest bird species in the entire world and is well-known for their rapid flying and colorful feathers. The albino ruby-throated hummingbird, who’s a native to Eastern North America, gained quite a sum of attention by media outlets after this photograph was taken by then 15-year-old Marlin Shank back in 2015. These birds are very rare and are considered to be on the brink of extinction.

4. An Albino Spider
Now, there have been spiders that have been discovered with having some and not all of their pigment lost, but they still fall under having the condition of leucism. So no, a true albino spider has not yet been discovered, as far as we know, so enjoy this albino spider doll instead made by an artist named Jesse Franks.

3. An Albino Koala
Koalas are known to be sluggish creatures and are easily recognized by their gray fur. This koala named Onya-Birri, which translates to “Ghost Boy” in the Aborigine language, was born back in 1997 and was sent to live at the San Diego Zoo where he now resides. Though albino koalas are known to exist out in the wild, Onya-Birri here is the only albino koala to live in captivity. Considered as one of the calmest creatures in the entire world, Onya-Birri is well behaved and spends most of his days either sleeping or eating. Even with all the attention, Onya-Birri doesn’t mind the watchful eyes of the countless tourists that visit him each day.

2. An Albino Alligator
This albino alligator named Claude was born way back in 1995 and has lived in captivity for his entire life. He was born in Florida but was later relocated to the California Academy of Sciences back in 2008. It would have been almost impossible for Claude to have survived in the wild as alligators rely on their ability to camouflage in order to hunt while at the same time hiding from other predators. Claude shared an enclosure with another alligator named Bonnie but because of his poor eyesight from the albinism he would frequently bump into her and she eventually bit his toe which had to be amputated due to an infection.

1. An Albino Gorilla
Albinism doesn’t just affect us humans every once in awhile, it also can occur in our closest relatives. It’s been known to be present in other members of the primate family. One of the most famous cases is of the Gorilla named Snowflake. Snowflake was born way back in 1964 in Equatorial Guinea and lived to be 39-years-old until he was put to sleep back in 2003. He is the only albino gorilla in the whole history of documented biology and lived most of his life in the Barcelona Zoo located in Spain. It was found out through genetic testing that Snowflake’s lack in pigment was because his father was his mother’s uncle and the inbreeding is what caused the genetic mutation. Snowflake had a total of 22 children, yet only 6 survived into adulthood and he is also survived by quite a number of grand and great-grandchildren.

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