Sia - Chandelier: Maja Kuczyńska Skydance (Wind Games 16 freestyle music)

23 Apr 2016 06:42 886
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2:20 - start of song
Maja Kuczyńska, World Junior Champion, performs an amazing skydance to Chandelier by Sia (studio overdub)
at Windgames 2016 Freestyle Music event, at Windoor Realfly, in Empuriabrava, Spain on January 22nd & 23rd.
Intro is from a Rossmann promo.
At the beginning of this promo vid, Maja lets us know that she's 16 years old.

Copyright belongs to the respective owners. All I did was edit.

Original videos are here:
Maja Kuczyńska - Freestyle music - Wind Games 16

This was extended to the full length of the song using clips from her practice session the day before (on Jan 22) and her Freestyle High Speed Round 2:

Rossman promo (with subtitles):
Exceptional Person / Wyjątkowy człowiek - Maja Kuczyńska | Rossmann

Rossman channel:

Maja Kuczynska channel:

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