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Hey guys, we’re gonna keep it going in lesson 7 here with third party VSTs and AUs part 2. So just in case you don't have any plugins, third party plugins that is, of your own quite yet, that is quite alright cause were gonna go grab a few right now from the internet, okay, and then we’re gonna jump into how to interact with them ‘cause they’re a bit different than the stock Ableton devices which will have, for instance, all the parameters usually in a little mini gui, alright here within your device chain, okay, your device view, usually third party plugins, have their own floating gui, okay, that isn’t gonna be down here in the device chain by default and each one of them is gonna have a gui that’s just slightly different to give it a little own, its own unique character and its own unique visuals, okay.

So with that said, let’s go grab some VSTs, okay. I'm just gonna type in a Google search here, best free VSTs synths, enter, okay, and let’s see what comes up in Google, fantastic! Okay, so I'm gonna go with that one, I'm gonna go with this one and I'm gonna go with this one, okay, your links may vary but I'm going with music tech link, I'm going with get that pro sound link and I'm going with music radar link, okay.

These are all sites that have done me well in the past, so what I'm looking for here is obviously, you know, a beautiful looking interface doesn't hurt, okay, but what I'm looking for is just a couple different synths that can give me a couple different type of sounds, okay, different types of generators, okay, so I really like when, let’s see, if they got something that’s kind of mogish.

I'm looking, I'm looking, I'm looking, here we go - mini mogae spell differently, but oh, it’s pc only, oh no, okay let’s try free alpho that looks good linplug, can't really go wrong with linplug instruments free alpho, here we go, Mac download I'm gonna go ahead and download that everyone of this sites is gonna be a bit different, but hopefully with any luck we will be able to StumbleUpon, maybe some new fresh songs that will help enhance our mixes.

Okay, free alpho installer, I'm gonna double click that, it’s gonna open that installer checking volumes, here we go and it's got a pretty cool little interface here, let’s check the read me really quick, doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary little PDF action that might be useful later, I'm gonna copy that into my downloads folder just in case and I'm gonna go ahead and install this plug in it's got a package installer here we go, continue, continue, continue.

Feel free to read all this stuff in your own, if you so choose I'm gonna go okay, install, punch in my password and we’re off to the races. It’s now writing those files moving everything into place, note that these files are probably gonna be put into default location which is not gonna be our specified folder structure, let me inject that disc, it’s always a good idea as well to save a back copy of this DMG's that you’re installing, okay.

So I'm gonna make a new folder here called synth installers and just drag this in there, okay, so just in case I need it again, I have it, okay, so I'm gonna go back to my VST's and notice that it made a folder called linplug and I'm gonna grab free alpho and drag it into synths actually, I'm gonna use my try out folder because that is a plug in that I'm now trying out, okay, just like that one. Let’s grab maybe one or two more, most of these are PC only of the pc users out there will be in luck.

Let’s go to the next site I've used in the past tyrell nexus 6 so let’s go ahead and grab that one, okay, how do I get this download, I'm not entirely sure I'm gonna go ahead and search for this, Google it download and this one have a bunch of pre presets, here we go, this is where I grab it from last time, think it’s a Dutch website possibly and you're gonna go download Mac version or PC. If you’re on a, a windows, if you’re on a PC and there’s also this other, this other sounds, okay, from Kevin Schroder, grab those as well, I don't know why there's a rar and a zip, but we shall see and let’s go ahead and go back to our finder here and downloads and there we are, okay.

So always check the read me, maybe a little bit nothing there, special tyriln 6 installer, here we go, continue, continue, continue, agree. They really make you work for it when you're installing new software here, okay, and that’s gonna install it, should be pretty quick here, there we go, okay...

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