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Learning proper techniques for cleaning your eyeglasses not only improves visibility but can also prolong the life of your lenses and frames. To start, choose a mild liquid cleanser without harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach or alcohol. When wiping your lenses and frames, avoid using abrasive materials such as a t-shirt or paper towel. A microfiber cloth will ensure a polished finish without causing scratches or leaving behind residue. Storing glasses in a protective case when not in use will also help to protect them from scratches and other damage. Watch our helpful video to learn more about cleaning and caring for your eyeglasses.

Did you know you can take your eyeglasses to LensCrafters for a tune-up? We recommend an in-depth cleaning and fitting every three months to keep your glasses looking and feeling great. LensCrafters also carries a full line of professional-grade cleaning supplies including starter kits, spray cleaner, micro fiber cleaning cloths and disposable towelettes. Stop by your neighborhood LensCrafters for more information!

LensCrafters’ Guide to Cleaning Glasses:

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