Rock Jocks - Full Comedy Movie

30 Nov 2016 01:31:04 0
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On a collision course with a giant meteor, a handful of wise-cracking geeks try to shield the planet while fighting the boredom of a 12 hour shift.

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While a giant meteor hurtles towards Earth, the "Rock Jocks"—a handful of geeky geniuses—maneuver orbiting satellites armed with asteroid-pulverizing lasers while fighting off the boredom of a 12 hour shift. Meanwhile, a meddlesome agency "suit" considers replacing them with a computer unless they can justify their existence. But if that asteroid makes it past their high-tech line of defense, being unemployed will be the least of their worries! With plenty of classic pop culture references, this low-budget comedy actually beats out South Park in the f-bomb total.

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