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If you want to learn Spanish, but are frustrated with traditional methods, this documentary is for you.

In it, Connor Grooms shows how to learn Spanish to a conversational level in a month. It includes his struggles, how he approached things, how much time he spent per day, language learning strategies, two Spanish conversations, and more. This language learning documentary is the best explanation of how to learn spanish for beginners.

In the film, Connor consults with experts Benny Lewis (who shares language learning tips and mindsets), Idahosa Ness (who explains how to learn Spanish pronunciation), and Brian Kwong (who explains how to keep motivated with accountability).

Recommended resources:
BaseLang - unlimited one-on-one Spanish tutoring for $149 a month online. Now offering an in-person school in Medellin, as well.
Shortcut to Conversational - Free 7-day course on how to learn Spanish fast:
Fluent in 3 Months Blog - Benny's very popular blog on language learning.
The Mimic Method - Pronunciation training through songs from Idahosa.
Add1Challenge - language learning accountability community from Brian.
AnkiSRS - This is the flashcard app Connor used in the film.

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