Mechanical Vs. Electrical Engineering: How to Pick the Right Major

13 Feb 2017 10:54 1,231
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Often students struggle between whether to major in mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. These are two of the most common engineering disciplines so I wanted to address this question for those who are undecided.

The good news is that both mechanical and electrical engineers are needed for nearly every engineering project out there. You'll see both of them working in various departments all across engineering companies.

What's more important is deciding what you are going to enjoy learning about more. Rockets, aircrafts, medical equipment, etc are all worked on by both majors. The question is whether you are more passionate about the circuits, signals, electronics, and so on OR the structures, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, etc behind the projects you'll work on.

This will most likely determine which engineering major is better for you.

If someone enjoyed both disciplines equally and I had to make a decision, I would say to choose mechanical engineering and specialize in mechatronics. This way you will have exposure to both engineering disciplines that you know you enjoy.


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