The MeerKat Dentist | Comparing Private Social & Animal Healthcare Medicine With Weasel Witch Doctor

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I searched the back alleys of South Africa to look for the most affordable healthcare food can buy. I found it with Meerkats. With their holistic approach to your healthcare, they can inspect and treat your entire being but specialize in dental care. I get several onions and treatments from a number of non registered Meerkat dentists who try and help me out.

Meerkats are an intelligent mammal from the weasel family. They are very inquisitive, curious and playful. They have a wide range of calls they make for various moods and threats. They are also potentially aggressive and designed to defend against perceived or real threats. They can bite and scratch.

I show the marking behavior of Meerkats. They have gland inside their anus that contains a horribly pungent collection of bacteria. Each Meerkat has a unique aroma from this gland and spread it over everything in their territory. It helps them identify individuals or intruders.

Finally I explain how Meerkats should remain wild and never owned as pets. They can become aggressive and make nasty bites besides tearing up a house and spreading their anal gland scents on everything. They are not domesticated but wild, but even domesticated animals can do damage.

It's my feeling wild animals should remain wild unless their circumstances prevent it, like in this case with orphaned ones. If captive, their should be a good reason for that captivity that benefits the animal, like housed inside a properly designed zoo or a sanctuary where the animals health and happiness are priority. A release program should be instituted when possible for any animal.

Zoos have a purpose for educating the public when done right. They should have a program that helps people understand the pressures animals have in the wild to survive. Gaining a conservationist through public education will only help, not hurt.

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