Hiking in Seoul up Mount Namsan Park to visit N Seoul Tower in South Korea

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Come join us as we go hiking in Seoul up Mount Namsan Park to visit N Seoul Tower. Along the way we stop to show you views of Seoul and to eat some Korea food for lunch. After visiting Seoul Tower we are then treated to a traditional Korean Martial arts performance and a Korean Farmer's Folk Dance before we take the cable car back down Namsan Mountain. Overall, it was a fantastic day and if you're going to hike in Korea be sure to do it in autumn of spring.

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Hiking in Seoul up Mount Namsan Park to visit N Seoul Tower in South Korea Travel Video Transcript:

Well good morning. Good morning. It is a beautiful autumn day in Seoul (서울) so today we're going out for a little outing.

Yeah, we're going hiking. We are going to climb Namsan (남산) Mountain to Seoul Tower (서울타워). And we took the metro today. We went to Hoehyeon station (회현역) which is also Namdaemun Market station (남대문시장역) and from there we're going to walk all the way up. We're going to hike up. So we're really excited. Let's get started.

So to reach Seoul Tower (서울타워) you basically have two options. You can take the cable car which is the lazy route or you can hike up Namsan Park (남산공원) and that is exactly what we're doing. That is how it is done. That is how it is done. That's how you earn those views of Seoul (서울).

Okay, so there are two very distinct looks when it comes to hiking Namsan (남산공원). Tell us about those? Yeah, so something that cracks me up about hiking in Korea is you have the super hardcore hikers and they're decked out in the most hardcore hiking gear. They've got their florescent visors, they've got their hiking sticks, they've got their hiking pants and their special shirts. It is all like kind of neon colors. It is like they're going to Everest base camp. Exactly. And then you have other people who are like woefully under dressed. They're like hiking up in miniskirts and like high heels.

So this is our first official lookout point and the views are stunning. This sun is just hitting in the right direction and it is awesome.

So in terms of hiking up Namsan Park (남산공원) there are two times of the year that are highly recommended. So the first being in fall around the late October early November time which is when we're doing it right now. The second time that would be really recommended would be late April and early May in the thick of spring.

So we finally made it up to the top of Namsan (남산) and let me tell you guys we are some kind of hungry. We're starving. Some kind of hungry! Some kind of hungry. Not just any kind of hungry. Not any kind. Some kind. Very hungry. So we're going to have food first. Yeah. And then go up N Seoul Tower (엔 서울타워).

Yeah, so we got two of our favorites. We're getting Bibimbap (비빔밥) and Jajangmyeon (자장면) so we're just waiting for that to arrive.

So now that we've had our lunch we're going up N Seoul Tower (N서울타워). We've got our tickets, it was ten thousand Won (원) per person.

Made it to the top. Woo hoo. Made it to the top now time to enjoy the views that we have. You know what it has got a little bit hazy since earlier this morning so it might be a little grey but we still get to see the whole city.

(Korean traditional drumming)

Okay so we walked up and now we're taking the lazy way down. We just got tickets for the cable car. Yeah, so we're being lazy for sure.

Back down from the mountain. Yeah, and that is basically a wrap for our day. That was a nice long afternoon. It was a lot of fun. And the thing that was really cool for me was getting to see the Korean Folk Farmer's Dance and the Korean Traditional Martial Arts performance. That was a big time bonus.

Also I ended up getting some Korean postcards while we were there. So I was thinking maybe in the comment section you guys can let us know what kind of Korea videos you'd like to see in the future and I'll choose eight comments because I have eight postcards and I'll mail those out to you. But also make sure that your account isn't set to private because sometimes people leave comments and they ask questions and I can't actually reply. So check that.

This is part of our Travel in South Korea video series showcasing Korean food, Korean culture and Korean cuisine.

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