Atheist Experience 21.50 with Jen Peeples and Clare Wuellner

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38:45 Cory: New York, NY: Morality of Animals vs Humans
48:30 John: Johnson City, TN: The Ethicacy of Zoos
51:57 David: Minneapolis, MN: The Argument from Reason
1:07:40 Karl: Vista, CA: Religion’s Evolutionary Advantages
1:19:37 Amed: Islamabad, Pakistan: Truth and Science in the Koran

The Atheist Experience episode 21.50 for December 31, 2017, with Jen Peeples and Clare Wuellner. Science Education. Clare talks about the state of science education in Texas with a focus on biology.

New Years Eve Evolution Difficulties Special!

Supplemental Links:

Evolution is a fact:

Primate evolution:

Denisovan/Primate DNA

Hillis et alia Tree of Life

Naked mole rat---one wacky rodent (Order Rodentia):

Theory of Mind in Horses:

Horse Pain Scale (visible pain expression in horses):

Non-human animal emotion:

Non-human farming in animals:

Tool use in non-human animals:

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