Refugees are not the Garbage they are the Assets | Tika Dhungana | TEDxHarrisburg

22 Nov 2016 12:59 4
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Refugee are like raw gold in mud form, but they can be moguls to any shape and size. They want to convert into a very valuable ornament like gold ring or gold chain. Humanity is only the tool required to help another human being when they need it the most. We are the children of same Mother Earth, let's not forget our humanity to treat other human beings as our own brothers and sisters and save them from all types of disasters.

Tika Ram Dhungana is a former refugee from Bhutan. He spent 18 years of his young life in the refugee camp in Nepal, Resettled to USA is n 2010. In USA , he became the author of "Satisfaction and Service: A Grand Source of Success." He is the founding President of "Bhutanese Community in Harrisburg" and police advisory council member of Swatara Township Police. He currently works as a Area Manager for Intranational Home Care LLC.

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