How The Caucasian Race Was Created

01 Jul 2017 16:07 3,784
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"So where did white people come from and how come there are different races?"
This video discusses the out of Africa theory vs the new out of Europe theory as well as Neanderthal DNA present in some Homosapien races & whether or not Neanderthal DNA plays a role in the intelligence of modern day humans. None of this information is new and is readily available online and is supported by anthropological studies. Angel Ramirez-Jordan also touches on the narrative that "race is a social construct" and whether human is a race or a species.
Some of the information in this video can be found on, national geographic and many more sites. A simple google search of "do white people have neanderthal DNA" will bring up a multitude of relevant results. This video is an educational video and should be treated as such. All comments are held for approval and all trolls will be blocked.

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