Creepiest Things Discovered Underwater

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From real severed feet of humans, to a hauntingly beautiful Sunken Ship's Bow, here are Creepiest Things Discovered Underwater.

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# 8 Severed Feet
While shoes are pretty common to find floating in the ocean, you might want to think twice before you pick one up. Something that is surprisingly easy to find floating through the ocean is a severed foot. People have found several feet which were not attached to the body but still wearing a shoe. Many would think these are the remains of a corpse created in foul play, however, their origin is more mysterious. These shoe-clad feet could originate from anywhere in the world and might be from people who were drowned by natural disasters. The feet were probably not cut off, but fell off from natural decay, and the plastic shoes worked as buoys to keep the appendage afloat.

# 7 Ancient City
A city lost to history was discovered underwater off the shores of Egypt’s Alexandria. The city of Heracleion has been recorded in many ancient Greek writings and lore, but does not exist in our present day. The final destiny of Heracleion was unconfirmed for a long time, but eventually, divers found a large area of North Africa that had been lost to the ocean because of rising sea levels. Now, the mysterious stone ruins remain under water like a grim landmark to the past.

# 6 Sinkholes
Even above water, sinkholes are terrifying and dangerous. They happen without warning and suck everything into incredibly deep pits. Sinkholes aren’t exclusive to above the ground areas, they can happen underwater, too. They create these cold, dark pits that just delve for hundreds of feet into the crust. These sinkholes are ideal areas to explore for the bravest adventurers, but for the rest of us, they are dead spaces that are better left unvisited.

# 5 Barreleye
This is a deep sea fish known as the Barreleye, or the spook fish. It has a transparent head, and those tubes are it’s barrel-shaped eyes looking directly up to see the shadows of prey. It looks like a strange machine from the future, but it’s just a creature that lives near the sea floor. At first, it was thought that the Barreleye could only look directly above it, but it can look straight forward, as well.

# 4 Ancient Goblin Shark
The goblin shark is a rare species of deep-sea shark that that is often referred to as a living fossil because it has survived without many evolutionary changes. The Goblin Shark is a terrifying specimen, measuring 3.1 meters in length and has a distinctive nose-like appendage on the front of its body. They were described in the late 1800s, but weren’t officially investigated until recently as they usually live in extremely deep waters, swimming around at depths of 4,000 feet. Scientists acquired a live goblin shark specimen, but it died a few days after being taken out of its natural home.

# 3 Alien Microbes
In 2012, microbes were discovered at the bottom of the ocean that dated all the way back to the Jurassic era. These microbes were around when dinosaurs were still alive. They not only survived for 86 million years, they survived for 86 million years in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. The deepest parts of the ocean are not exactly friendly to living organisms. There are barely any nutrients or oxygen present that low beneath the ocean surface. Yet, these microbes have survived thanks to their slow metabolisms which allow them to survive with barely anything to sustain them, although they seem to barely be alive. Some have theorized that these microbes come from an extraterrestrial source as they can survive cold, low oxygen environments such as those in outer space.

# 2 Large Mysterious Eye
In 2012, what seemed to be a giant floating eyeball was found cruising around the open ocean. It was about the size of a softball and was discovered by a man in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He took it home to his fridge to keep it fresh before turning it into the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Rumors of a giant sea monster roaming in the water started to fill the area, but it was quickly confirmed by the FWC that the eyeball belonged to a large swordfish. The eyeball was likely cut out by some creepy fisherman.

# 1 Sunken Ship’s Bow
This absolutely terrifying, image isn’t a huge deep sea creature, a giant fish’s mouth, or an interdimensional beast that has come to devour us. It is just the sunken bow of a ship that had fallen into the sea a long time ago. It has become encrusted with barnacles and other creatures which give it a life-like look that sends shivers down many people's spines.

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