Christmas Idea - Full Episode Jumble - Bananas In Pyjamas Official

12 Nov 2018 46:34 4
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Welcome to the Official Bananas in Pyjamas Channel.
On this channel you will find classic and animated full episodes.

Moving - Morgan the bear moves his bed into the kitchen so that when he wants a midnight snack he just has to reach out and grab it. The Bananas think this is a brilliant idea and start moving everything around, thinking they'll never have to get out of bed again!

Gold Rush - After hours of hunting for gold on rat's suggestion with no luck, the Bananas come to realise that they have been duped by Rat, so decide to teach him a lesson.

The Bernard Mystery - Everyone is excited by an upcoming dance, except Bernard. The Bananas discover that Bernard can't dance. They try to teach him, but Bernard falls in the lake!

The Ducklings - Why do Peck's adorably fluffy little ducklings think the Bananas are their mother? They're following them around everywhere!

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