Cry Streams: Final Fantasy XV [Session 1]

30 Nov 2016 02:57:39 1,293
9,048 80

Game :


So, we back at it again with a Final Fantasies of the 15thed variety. So far, I'm quite enjoyin' it!

This is played on the normal PS4 as my Pro that I got specifically for this was a brick and I have to get it replaced, but I hope to switch it to it in the very near future when its replacement gets here. Here's hopin' for good cloud saves!

Also look forward to seeing just how much of an improvement it'll be on the Pro itself, so that'll be neat! Anyway, ya! Schedule for this not yet 100 percent figured out, but I'm going to imaaaagine it'll be streamed every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at around 5pm Eastern, and then uploaded, uuuh, some time.

Don't know yet!

Still workin' it out!

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