Bonaire Dive Trip 2015 HD , Part1

30 Jul 2015 10:17 7
Fikus Benjamin Taus Download
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This video contains many different and rare encounters of our divetrip in bonaire, Juli 2015!

It also separated in divesites, so you get an idea of which animals you can find in which divesite!

Its like a digital diveguide for bonaire ;)

You can see encounters like Reefsquid, Tarpons, Seehorses, Frogfish, rays, the rare two spot octopus, common carribean octopus, turtles, different Moray eals, different shrimps, crabs etc. and even dolphins at red slave divesite!!!

Music: VIVIR MI VIDA --live rincon boyz
Epic Underwater Music - Atlantis Reborn
Epic Pirate Music - Pirate Island
Fantasy Ocean Music - Oceanic Realm

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