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Choosing the best pair of glasses for your face shape doesn’t have to be difficult. First, it’s important to determine your face shape. Whether it’s is oval, round, heart or square, certain styles of frames and colors can work to compliment your facial features. To learn more, watch our helpful video on choosing a pair of glasses that will work well with your face shape and showcase your unique style.

Oval- An oval face shape has the advantage of wearing almost any style of frames. Typically, wider eyeglasses heighten an oval-shaped face’s natural balance.

Round- Thinner, rectangular frames work to add length and also create a slimming effect—balancing out rounded face shapes.

Heart- Frames that are wider than your forehead paired with thinner temples accentuate the
beauty of a heart-shaped face.

Square- Round and oval shaped frames compliment the well-defined angles of square-shaped faces.

At LensCrafters, we have hundreds of stylish eyeglass frames and helpful associates that will work with you to find the perfect pair for your face shape. Stop by your local LensCrafters today to learn more!

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