Trap Nation Offers Me 10,000$ Bribe to Delete Video Exposing him.

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Trap Nation and Kerem the hacker offered to give 10,000$ to a charity under my name in return for removal of my video. Later in the call it is mentioned 'What if we gave you the money instead of the charity'. I've also been offered a separate $7,000 bribe to remove my video about Trap Nation that isn't talked about in the video. Trap Nation have been threatening to sue me for defamation despite this they have not provided any information showing my statements about the company Trap Nation are false.

My last video was dislike botted by Hack Forums, I was also threatened by Hack Forum members for my video.

This video goes into detail on how No Copyright Sounds has not been paying artists for music uploaded to the channel while they were obligated. Conveniently NCS paid unpaid artists within hours of my video about Trap Nation being uploaded.

Various Media have reported on my story such as Stoney Roads and Your EDM and Scarce.

I'd like to ask anyone in the Youtube EDM community message either me or Glink over Twitter with information.

Glink's statements about Trap Nation and NCS do not represent my own views or statements. I am simply acting as the 'promotional channel' for Glinks video.

100% of ad revenue from the first $1000 of this video go directly to Glink and the supporting artists of this video (myself not included)

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