CS:GO - Spatial Awareness

11 Apr 2016 04:05 2,246
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Spatial awareness = you're more than just your view. People might be able to see you if you can't see them.

0:20 - We fire out of our FACE
0:49 - Can't see them? They might see you
1:21 - Stay away from corners!
1:46 - Guns giving us away
2:39 - Shadows
2:48 - Chicken
3:11 - Looking up / down when doing stuff

It goes without saying that we make sounds which can give away our position. Check out the video below to hear what the enemies can:
The bomb's light can be seen through partial smoke:
Thanks to TrilluXe for providing some useful examples of where you can be seen when you think you might not be.
Under this crate - https://gyazo.com/afac17ec8f6c36c9971f37e1d3dae79e
Throught crates on Dust2's bombsite A - https://gyazo.com/4efda32e12a03a858f995b922d586188
Behind these crates on Dust2 bombsite B - https://gyazo.com/26e63d4557701d521e1a61d91e2a1a04
And underneath these on Mirage - https://gyazo.com/029266eb8cf333bc8b77baa37e085ed4
How does he come up with these? - https://gyazo.com/93059baed65690639498115eacd67a54
Check out his channel here:

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