Clash Royale - Best X-Bow Deck and Strategy

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Clash Royale - Best X-Bow Deck and Strategy

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Today I’ll be sharing one of the strongest decks in the game right now. With this deck, I placed #1 in one 1000 player tournament, and #5 in the other. In total, I’ve won 30 battles in these two tournaments, and only lost 2 times.
Now this is also the first I’ve shared an X-Bow deck on my channel, so it’s about time I made a video on it. I know that there are some people who absolutely despise the X-Bow, but the first step to beating an X-Bow deck is to understand how the deck functions and use it yourself. I am also working on another tutorial video to show you guys how to counter X-Bow decks, because right now I’m seeing so many people making big mistakes when playing against the X-Bow. Not only that, I created this YouTube channel to help you guys master the best strategies with the best decks in the game, and it would be hypocritical of me to hide the best decks from you guys.
Anyways, this is the deck that I’ve been dominating with. Other common X-Bow decks have Fireball instead of Rocket, but I prefer Rocket because of the very high damage to Crown Towers, ability to instantly knock out Elixir Collectors, and also the ability to shut down huge pushes. Alongside, I have Ice Spirit and Skeletons, both 1 Elixir cards that allow me to cycle through my X-Bow and Rocket very quickly during double Elixir time. Other common variants use Guards or Skeleton Army instead of Skeletons, but I prefer the big benefit of being able to cycle quicker and keeping my Average Elixir Cost low. Also, if you don’t have legendary The Log, which is probably the best card in the game right now, then the best substitute for it in this deck would be Arrows. Let’s do some battles now with this deck and I’ll show you guys how it works!

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