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From the TOP SECRET Sedan Project, to the mind melting Philadelphia Experiment. Did it really happen? These are the

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Now cern isn’t completely funded by the US government but many international governments have come together to fund this mysterious, and extremely expensive project. Each year this project eats up about 1 billion dollars and the total cost is estimated by about 13.25 billion. So what on earth are countries coming together to fund and costim this much money! They basically want to recreate the big bang as close as possible, which many people theorize, was what started the creation of our universe, so this project won’t be cheap. This takes place in a suburb near Geneva Switzerland in the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. The construction of the supercollider is a great achievement for science but many, including Stephen Hawking's are sort of weary if this project could somehow bring on an apocalypse and destroy the entire universe! Stephen Hawking claims the power of CERN could easily and without warning destroy our universe or at least create an apocaplyse

The acronym HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program and was an ionospheric research program funded by the Air Force, US Navy and University of Alaska as well as DARPA and built by BAE advanced technologies in Gakona, Alaska. But it was originally just a big oil companies who were experimenting with this until the government took over. It’s a massive group of waves all linked to together, so they can work as one. Each can generate 10000 watts of electricity and there’s 360 of them all linked together. This fires one massive electric beam into the ionosphere, which is the uppermost part of our atmosphere, which then send radio waves back to earth. The government claims to be using it for communication with deeply submerged submarines and to located underground enemy bases. Conspiracy Theorists believe that HAARP can be used to control the weather and create catastrophic earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions.

4. US Infects Guatemalans
In 2010, the US government finally came forward and admitted that it conducted medical experiments on the people of Guatemala in the 1940’s where people were infected with syphilis and other STD’s. They used prostitutes, soldiers and prison inmates as their guinea pigs and eventually orphaned children. The projects were funded by the World Health Organization, Public Health Organization and even the Guatemalan government, just to name a few. 71 died from the syphilis and over 772 were purposely given and STD. This was done in order to find a cure for some of these STD’s and if taking penicillin right after sex would prevent that transmission.

3. Operation MK Ultra
We previously mentioned how France was exposed to LSD in the 1950’s. This was apart of a larger project known as MK Ultra, where the CIA was experimenting with mind altering drugs that they hoped would control people’s minds as well as brainwashing. The main drug they experiment was of course LSD, which would cause mindblowing hallucinations. Other things they experiment with as apart of this project includes, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, sexual abuse, and/or psychological torture! They needed some way to extract information from someone as quickly from captured spies. One operation of MK Ultra was known as Midnight Climax, where the government would test LSD on unwilling participants in San Francisco, mainly prostitutes.

2. The Philadelphia Experiment
During World War II, we certainly had some of the smartest scientists at the time to conduct this experiment. With the minds of Albert Einstein and Nikla Tesla, and the crews who created atomic bombs, capable of destroying entire cities, was it possible we had an experiment with teleportation and invisibility? Many claim yes and this experiment was tested on a US battleship, called the USS Eldridge in 1943 at a Philadelphia Naval Yard. The Navy acknowledged the theory in this document but didn’t admit or deny the claims. According to Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory to bend light and make it invisible with an electromagnetic fog. The ship is engaged in an electromagnetic field, witnesses say looked like it was consumed in an green fog, and then it disappeared! They weren’t expecting to teleport however and reappears 400 miles away in Norfolk, Virginia.

Project 112
Project 112 was a biological and chemical weapons experiment conducted by the US from 1961 to 1973, that was started under the Kennedy Administration. This shady project, wasn’t declassified until 2000 and after investigations were launched. Eventually, a press conference was given at the Pentagon by William Winkenwerder and he disclosed some of the bizarre details of this project.