Didn't expect to find this in here

20 May 2017 08:26 569
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Extremely Fun Fact: Next time you open up a can of hair balls, grab yourself a pitchfork with mayonnaise all over it and stir up those juicy fur balls and decorate your neighbor's house with 'em! It'll almost GUARANTEE you a trip to the yeast gargle!!
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In this video; The Kleb a.k.a. Whoppie5000 finds a wild Silver YouTube play button in a dumpster, like HOW could the mail man put that in there?! Either way, after that fiasco, Kleb blows dandelion seeds all over someone's yard, cursing them into the oblivion of the snakes from down under. Shortly after that, Kleb arrives at a very historical post office, patented by historians all over the land. Kleb of course phyllz us in on the history of that office o' post. After opening his new P.O. box, Klebby heads on over to the illustrious, rubber yeti edition, Taco Bell. After a short fiasco with a construction hat on the highway, he finally arrives and tries a BRAND SPANKIN new bad boy item off the juicy eisenhower menu they've got going for themselves over there. Afterwards, Kleb heads over to Walgreens and buys some ingredients. Kleb then commences to CREATE his new friend who goes by the name of "umbilical cord". He did this by making Slime out of glue, contact solution, and some good old Elmer's glue. Well thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed this package of onions!

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