'Devastated' England fans react to Euro 2016 exit

28 Jun 2016 01:30 78
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Reaction after England lost to Iceland in the last 16 of the European Championship on Monday.

From jubilation, to heartache.

This was the moment Wayne Rooney made it 1-0 England and the fans went wild.

Then, just 14 minutes later, Iceland had turned it around in dramatic fashion.

Equalising 34 seconds after Rooney's spot kick, Iceland took the lead in the 18th minute and never looked back.

SOUNDBITE (English) Amy Shearer, England fan:
"So excited. We were over the moon and it just went...it just got so much worse. And then by half-time we were....well it was over, it was over for us, so that's it."

SOUNDBITE (English) Louis Polder, England fan:
"Iceland are the worst team I've ever seen, but they've beat England and it hurts me so much. I'm devastated at the moment. Iceland....the worst team I've ever seen."

SOUNDBITE (English) Chris Boucher, England fan:
"First things first, fair play to Iceland. They defended so well. It's a bad week for Britain, a bad week for the UK. Honestly."

SOUNDBITE (English) Alan Crew, England fan:
"England had the chance, they played Iceland - they could've had Portugal. But they didn't show up, and they lost. Iceland, I'm happy they've gone through, they worked hard but I mean England didn't show up at all."

So it's an unexpected early trip home for England, while Iceland will go on the play France in the quarter-finals on Sunday.


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