Woodpecker attacks baby birds

19 Jun 2015 02:38 2,025
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Nature can be cruel - WARNING Disturbing Images

We installed a camera inside one of the bird boxes at the centre, to record and observe the birds' activities. A few weeks later, we were lucky enough to have our first resident move in; a bluetit. This year, she had a clutch of more than 10 eggs! It was a lovely sight and seven of them are due to fledge, but then, horror struck the family... A great spotted woodpecker entered the box and attacked the babies. He pecked at the box to widen the hole, in order to get inside. He then grabbed each baby to remove them from their nest. Even if its not their standard diet, they are known to occasionally prey on small birds.

The CCTV camera installed in the box is not constantly monitored, so we only witnessed the drama after the event, by watching the footage in playback. If we had seen it live, we would have acted to stop this attack.


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