Kitty Hunting 101

23 Jun 2014 04:45 1,792
12,546 6,154

Every year, the cats on my grandfather's farm have kittens. I've been catching them since I was a little kid, and today, I had the privilege of showing my daughter how to catch them. I also showed her how to do a really bad impression of Steve Irwin. Rest in peace brotha.

As you can see in the video, the kittens are feral, that's why they're not well groomed. Also, I know the black one looks like he's being hurt, but he's not. Mother cats carry their kittens in the exact same way, and it's how I keep from getting scratched when I catch them.

After they're caught, we pet them for a while to get them relaxed, and used to being around humans. No cats or people were harmed in the making of this video. I personally watched them come down out of the tree and out of the dryer vent. My daughter and I had a blast making this video for you, please pass it on!!

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