Charles Trénet's 'La Mer' from "Mr. Bean's Holiday" (HD version)

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Climax of the film 'Mr. Bean's Holiday', where the entire cast join in miming the magnificent 'La Mer' by Charles Trénet on the beach at Cannes.

An added note for elucidation:

This is the original. Charles Trénet wrote both music & lyrics to 'La Mer' and it was recorded by him in 1946. There have been several interpretations in French and other languages.

The following excerpt is from the Wikipedia entry for 'La Mer' (the song)

"English lyrics, unrelated to the French lyrics, were later written by Jack Lawrence and entitled 'Beyond the Sea'.

The English version has been recorded by many artists, including Benny Goodman, Mantovani, Roger Williams and Gisele MacKenzie, but Bobby Darin's version released in 1959 is the best known by many, reaching #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.”

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