20 Weeks Pregnant Gender Reveal | Caitlyn Kreklewich

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Well hello there everyone. Today is my very first Maternity Monday video. Yes I know, what the hell Caitlyn. Maternity Monday at 20 weeks when you're halfway through your pregnancy?! Well, lets be real here I have been so exhausted and sleeping so much I just havent been able to film. But after a long wait here it is. This is my 20 Weeks Pregnant Gender Reveal and 3D/4D Ultrasound video. I talk about my body, my 3D/4D ultraosund video, i share the gender reveal video with you all, the changes ive noticed, the baby size and growth, whats happening in my body, and whats to come this week. We didn't get a good look at Dumplings face, Yes thats its nickname because we didn't know the gender yet. The little bugger was nuzzling my placenta so we couldn't see the face well. Dumpling also was holding the umbilical cord and sucking its thumb most of the 30 minute ultraosund appointment. My sister did a piniata gender reveal cake for us, it's such a cute way of revealing. I'm super excited that we are going to be having a little baby BOY! This week the babys bones and nervous system is developing more, how cool is that! Also the Quickening is starting to happen where I can feel the baby's movements. Matt was able to feel the baby kicking as well. Seeing as how it's now 10 oz and the size of a banna/whoopie cushion it can't hide that well anymore from momma and papa. As for my 20 week pregnant belly, it just looks like a little pudge. Nothing huge and havent " Poped " yet. I hope you enjoyed this new segment of Maternight Mondays, If I missed anything or you want to know more about something comments it below and I'll talk about it next week or reply to your question.

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