Indians in Dubai: Luxury & Labour Camps

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Dubai is a city of extreme contract, from the luxurious living of the rich to the labour camps of the labourers. So I take you out to explore both! I'll show you how the rich live in their amazing 7-star resort-type housing developments, and then we go see how the Indian and Pakistani labours are residing in their labour camps.

We start in a luxury housing development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which has everything you could ever want! Pools, gyms, gardens, clean, wide streets, an animal sanctuary, dog park, horse stable, mall, restaurants, supermarket, mosque and more! It's unbelievable, and I've never seen such luxury like it in my life. These people truly are living the high-life in Dubai.

Then we head out to an Indian labour camp area. These are the men who are literally building Dubai and all these housing developments we just saw. The labours in Dubai aren't living like the rich here. They live a basic life in dorm/hostel type apartments, 4 men to a room with two bunk beds for them to sleep on. These men are busy working hard to remit money back to their families in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

We spend the afternoon at the mall next to the labour camp where the labourers are hanging out and waiting for work. Most of the labourers are Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis. We drink 1 dirham (20 rs.) Masala Chai with them and get an Indian facial and head massage from a hairdresser from Meerut, India. Products and services in the labourer camp mall are very very cheap. So cheap, in fact, they're the same price as in India! I did not expect this! Dubai is known for being a costly city!

Dubai indeed is the City of Gold and nothing can beat the glitz, glamour, and money there. But it's a city of contrasts, and often the lives of poorer people are hidden. For example, I was not allowed to film inside the rooms of the labour camp as permission was needed from the Labour Camp supervisor. The workers were too scared to simply show me inside their room without his consent, lest they get in trouble, lose their job, and get deported.

In this video, you'll see the lifestyle of the wealthy highly-paid highly-skilled Indians and the lifestyle of the poorer lowly-paid lowly-skilled Indians. It's quite a contrast!


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