Build A Track Only Using The Behringer Neutron

29 Jul 2019 04:58 365
Robert Iver Download
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So the track was made entirely with the Neutron as a sound source. I did record the tracks in Logic Pro X. Obviously one can record it into a iPad or whatever but I’m used to the LPX workflow. I start with a patch with some patch cables to modulate some parameters.
Then the bass line and a ‘spooky’ lead were added. Followed by a doubled arpeggio line. The noise zap and the high pitched drop. As soon as the bass drum and snare start the track gains some momentum. A pre melody of 8 bars to lead up to the main melody (doubled). A sine triangle lead to lead into the bridge. The bridge lead sound is a slow saw kind of lead with a fifth separation between the two oscillators.
I did use the ShaperBox and sample delay plugin to widen some sounds and the lovely Valhalla reverb and delay. Also one instance of the 7th heaven reverb.
Some final eq and compression. Bye

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