Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Kit Demo

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Roland's latest mid-level electronic kit blurs the lines between flagship performance and real-world affordability. The Roland V-Drums TD-27KV packs the same 14" digital snare, 18" digital ride, and Prismatic Sound Modeling engine as Roland's top-of-the-line TD-50 kits. Yet a streamlined profile โ€” a collapsible rack stand with 10" toms, 12" and 13" cymbals, and a tower-style kick drum โ€” reduce the TD-27KV's footprint to a stage- and studio-friendly form factor. Within the TD-27 module, you'll find the same powerful customizations that made the TD-50 such a game changer.

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The Roland TD-27KV includes virtual head swaps, tuning and damping, snare wire and kick beater subs, and more. All-new for the Roland TD-27KV is Roland's PureAcoustic Ambience Technology, which allows you to adjust direct and ambient mic positions and FX processors at a virtual level for unbelievable realism through headphones. Once you've dialed in your kit, you can route it to your interface via four direct outputs (e.g. stereo L-R, kick drum, snare drum) or inject 28 channels of audio directly into your DAW over USB. Bluetooth streaming from phone to module enhance practice time, as do the onboard coaching functions and metronome. All told, the Roland V-Drums TD-27KV is one of the most eagerly anticipated V-Kits to drop, and one who's value and features drummers at Sweetwater are eager to get behind.

The Roland TD-27KV is one of Roland's most streamlined modules to date. Browsing kits, tweaking sounds, and saving custom presets on the Roland TD-27KV are walks in the park thanks to its dedicated knobs and hands-on interface that the Roland TD-27KV has. Tuning and muffling have their own controls on the Roland TD-27KV. And buttons around the jog wheel on the Roland TD-27KV ensure you never get lost in sub-menus that the Roland TD-27KV comes with. The knurled knobs and rubberized selectors designed on the Roland TD-27KV all feel great in the hands โ€” which is important on a tool you might use for hours on end.

Every onboard kit within the Roland TD-27KV is crafted to sound great without tweaks. But for times when you need a custom kit for a particular performance, Prismatic Sound Modeling on the Roland TD-27KV has you covered. With the Roland TD-27KV you have control over each drum shell's tone and tuning. On the Roland TD-27KV, you also control each cymbal's size and liveliness. You can even control virtual mic placement when using the Roland TD-27KV to dial in the perfect amount of natural ambience and life. Once you've found your sound on the Roland TD-27KV, sweeten kick, snare, or toms with onboard FX, including rich reverb and smooth tape-like compression.

A set of drums is only as inspiring as the room it's played in. The same goes for electronics. Fortunately, Roland's PureAcoustic Ambience Technology, found for the first time in the Roland TD-27KV, creates a natural and immersive soundstage that really makes you feel like you're there. PureAcoustic tech found on the Roland TD-27KV lets you dive deep into sound tweaking, too, allowing you to adjust virtual microphone positions like a real recording studio with the Roland TD-27KV, then balance each part of the kit with outboard-style FX processors on the Roland TD-27KV. We drummers love to customize our kits. And fortunately, the Roland TD-27KV gives you three additional analog trigger inputs for adding extra pieces down the road.

With the Roland V-Drums TD-27KV, you can do it all over USB โ€” no interface required. The Roland TD-27KV delivers a whopping 28 channels of multitrack audio to your computer over a single USB cable. Connect the Roland TD-27KV module as a USB MIDI interface and re-track your parts with virtual instruments in your DAW. With either option on the Roland TD-27KV, you get to enjoy recording studiophile drum tracks, even from your apartment, at any time of day with the Roland TD-27KV.

Whether you're modeling your favorite acoustic kit or using the latest third-party libraries, the Roland TD-27KV makes it easy to incorporate custom sounds into your Roland V-Drums TD-27 sound module. High-capacity SDHC cards let you create an arsenal of custom libraries and call them up on your V-Drums at will. Onboard Bluetooth gives the Roland TD-27KV the edge for practice. With the Roland TD-27KV you'll have everything you need to elevate your sound and further enjoy playing the drums!

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