The Bill 'In Another Life' (1) 2001

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PC Harker tells DI Cullen that he knows Leroy Jones didn't kill DS Hanbury, but they still use the charge as leverage to convince Leroy to help them catch Jan Resenbrink, the drugs importer. PC Rickman attends a possibly racially-motivated attack on Didi Marr, the boy who was found with heroin on the Bronte Estate. His attacker is Nicky Gable, and the racism element of the case becomes unlikely when it is revealed that Gable is in mourning for his mixed-race brother. Harker arranges with Leroy to escape, and offers to clear him of the murder charge on the condition that he end his relationship with Rickman. With Leroy's help, Cullen and Pennington arrest Resenbrink, but he is freed on bail. When Resenbrink arrives at Sun Hill to sign his bail, Gable appears and guns him down in the car park. Gable says he killed Resenbrink because Leroy Jones told him that Resenbrink had his brother killed. Leroy is arrested again, and Rickman visits him and tells him it's over between them for good.

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