Learn to Paint Realistic Roses - Oil or Acrylic - by Bill Inman

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Learn how to paint roses with oil or acrylic paint for beginner and advanced students and artists. Learn to paint natural realistic roses by watching professional artist Bill Inman as he creates his impressionist painting 'Sweet Summer Days Roses' for the Broadmoor Galleries.

You can now rent the popular 4 hour art instruction video Sweet Summer Days Roses by master artist Bill Inman.

See every brushstroke in the creation of the painting, his brush techniques and how each color was mixed. Watch and listen as Bill describes how you can use his methods and shortcuts for creating masterful roses. Learn from Bill's 30 years of producing art for galleries around the country.

This is the full length 4 hour video that teaches how to start with abstract color shapes, determine exciting value patterns of light and shadow, combine harmonious colors and create bits of grass and leaves that make the painting more visually stimulating.

This is a tutorial unlike any other - you get to watch every brushstroke and all my color mixing from start to finish. Hear me describe my thought process and teach core art concepts while I create one of my gallery paintings as if you were standing beside me - it's better than a workshop because you can rewind and watch the techniques as often as you like.

Come discover Art Class Oil Painting Demos and Instruction Videos by alla prima and plein air Impressionist Bill Inman.

Enjoy learning as he shares videos of his art class demonstrations and shows the entire process of how he creates paintings for his galleries.

About the Artist:

Learn from impressionist Bill Inman as he demonstrates for his class how to breathe life into loose abstract color masses.

He is classically trained with 5 years of figure, head and fashion drawing from the model and holds an MFA in studio painting.

He sells his work through galleries around the country as a full time artist.

These colors and techniques generally apply equally well with oil or acrylic paint.

"My goal is to help viewers feel like they are looking out a window or doorway into a beautiful scene, one that beckons to forget the world a while and simply enjoy the peace and serenity, the incredible beauty Heavenly Father has provided."

His art studio address is in Muncie, Indiana - if you want more information about classes call (765) 749-0210. Class size is limited.


Great news - my in-depth video painting course is now available at http://www.masteroilpainting.com/master


Free Training Video: https://masteroilpainting.com/color-mastery-request-youtube

Training: https://masteroilpainting.com/

View Artwork: http://www.inmanfinearts.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/billinmanart

Blog: https://masteroilpainting.com/blog/

Support the videos on his Patreon Page: http://www.patreon.com/billinmanart

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BillInmanArt/posts

Impressionist Bill Inman shares his art class demonstrations and full length studio/gallery paintings that show every brushstroke of his painting and palette - how he mixes and applies his paint.

Bill has been a full time artist for more than 20 years and sold his first painting in a professional gallery at the age of 17 while still in high school.

He is a recipient of the Congressional Art Award, has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine and has his work in collections around the world.

He teaches a 3 hour painting class twice a month in his studio and periodic workshops.

Bill and his beautiful wife Kristie have 7 children and one grandson. "They are my deepest source of joy and inspiration, especially Kristie who has courageously endured 25 years of living with an absent minded artist who has never been a financial wizard!"


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