How do I find New Ideas on the Guitar? Scale Constellations!

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The guitar is a weird instrument. It’s VERY visual, like the piano, but it’s not linear like the piano is. On a keyboard, the pitches exist on a Left to Right continuum…if you want to go higher in pitch, you have to travel to the right and to go lower you travel to the left.

The guitar, on the other hand, has more of a Left/Right/Up/Down (much like a joystick). You can ascend in pitch by traveling up the neck, OR by moving horizontally across the strings. WHAT IS THIS CONFOUNDED SORCERY!

One technique that I still enjoy digging into is drawing things out on a piece of paper. I used to draw scales and chords on the fretboard all the time (I’m a visual learner, remember?). I call this concept “Scale Constellations” and I made a video to teach you how to use it to generate new music ideas and approaches


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