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For Course 1 Assignment 5, we were to take inspiration from the "MY Story" Pinterest board we created in Assignment 4. Spirituality, the psychical & new age, divination, the paranormal- they are the ideas evoked by the pop culture notion of the Gypsy. As an American-Gypsy, I feel as if the occult is a part of the mystery that surrounds my culture, and I wanted to combine supernatural, paranormal, and divination motifs into "My Look." I paired a Ouija planchette necklace, crystal ball necklace, and Ouijaboard and palmistry print graphic tank with a sheer chiffon button-up, skinny jeans, Y.R.U. Qozmo platform sneakers, and stayed true to my light/dark pastel goth style by wearing a Ring-pop inspired ring and BCBG pastel # bracelets.

My illustration of the tree of Life is superimposed over the image, and the top is referencing the all seeing eye, as it appears to be a pyramid with my eye at the pinnacle. There are, as I've said, spiritual, esoteric, and occult themes that run through my art and style, and I combined them to tell my story, which was the assignment.

How do you think I did? Share your experience with this assignment and the course in the comments section.

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Stay tuned to my channel as I'll be going through the courses and assignments individually as the ParsonsXTeenVogue Ambassador.

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