DIY Pelican1200 BluetoothBoombox 2.1 (50W/ch+100W)+(Li-ion 24,000mAhr)

13 Jan 2016 19:54 130
modiane1 Download
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This is my latest and first DIY custom 2.1 Bluetooth Boombox (AKA) "The Gunny" (olive drab and black military inspired) with an awesome and stout 3.5" Tang Band RBM micro subwoofer pushed from a "cheap" eBay TPA3116D2: 50W/channel amplifier with mono sub (bridged) 100W, with volume, subwoofer output and upper band pass controls! This design has been stewing in my head for some time ever since I laid eyes on the $45 micro subwoofer last summer that doesn't require a large enclosure volume. It is paired with a 3.5" Peerless passive radiator and easily goes to 42Hz! The upper end is handled by some recently on sale AMT (Air Motion Technology) tweeters. Easily connects with hi-fi SURE Bluetooth receiver in 2 seconds and has a wireless range exceeding 60ft. A generous 16.8VDC (6Ahr) Li-ion battery pack with a convenient DC charger provides enough power to play at high SPL's for many hours and all is housed in a tough 8lb. durable hard case!

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