The Bruce 3, A Memphis VA Story

16 Jan 2020 02:51 3
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Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center employee and Navy Veteran, Harry Williams, is one of the Memphis 13. A group of pioneers that helped desegregate Memphis City Schools in 1961. The children were divided into groups and sent to different schools around the city. Mr. Williams and 2 other African American students were assigned to Bruce Elementary School. The three students at Bruce were Harry Williams, Dwania Kyles and Menelik Fombi. They are now known as the Bruce 3. Mr. Williams takes a walk down memory lane with us as he retells his story and looks forward to a bright future for the new generation of Memphis City Schools students.

A mural will be revealed at 9:00 a.m. on January 17, 2020, in the cafeteria at Bruce Elementary that celebrates the first graders that integrated the school. Local artist, Jamond Bullock, was commissioned to bring the Bruce 3 to life in the mural that stretches from the floor to the ceiling on multiple walls at Bruce Elementary.

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