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This video is fan made.


[Q] Why do you use the term '[TV SPOT]' in the title?
[A] I use the term 'TV Spot' because if it fits the length of the video the most. Official TV Spots won't run longer than 60 seconds most of the time and are usually around 30 seconds long. If the video is longer, I will use another term, e.g. '[TRAILER]'.

[Q] Why do you use the term '[EXCLUSIVE]' in your title?
[A] When a film studio releases an official TV Spot on their official channel, a lot of other (fan) channels will put this video on theirs as well. Because I create my own videos, I'm able to show videos that are unique and especially put together for my own channel, meaning that they are EXCLUSIVE. In my opinion, this justifies the usage.

[Q] Why DON'T you use the term '[FAN MADE]' in your title?
[A] I've different reasons why I don't use the term 'fan made'. One of them is that I want to give my channel a more 'official look', it's more professional this way. This is a format I use, I won't change that probably.

[Q] Why are you making this videos anyway?
[A] Because it's fun to do. It's a hobby.

[Q] Why is the editing so bad?
[A] I'm not a prof. Absolutely not. I'm just doing this for fun. Nevertheless, I always work really hard on my videos. Spending hours and hours to search the best footage, collect it and make those videos.