Parijaat tree and flowers

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parijaat tree and flowers
Parijat is a lovely modest flower, with snow-white petals and a red stalk. This flower blooms only at evening and sheds flowers prior to sunrise. They flowers have its medicinal values, but we will focus on some of the fascinating myths related with the flower.

The first myth is a sad romantic myth. According to this myth, Princess Parijataka was in enjoy with Sun, but her enjoy was never ever reciprocated. Possessing misplaced in adore, she committed suicide and from her ashes rose the Parijat tree. Given that she is unable to bear the sight of her enjoy in the course of the day, she blooms only at evening, and sheds the flowers as tears, ahead of the sun rises.

Some myths go on to say, that the tree sheds its tears on the touch of the initial rays of the sun! The fragrant flowers spread their fragrance in the entire area, throughout the day, as an indicator of undying enjoy for her lover, the Sun.

Another myth as well has a romantic link, but much more as a bone of contention. In accordance to this myth, the Parijat tree was planted in Indralok (the abode of Lord Indra) which was 1 of the gifts received from the samudra manthana, and hence was a celestial plant, not accessible on earth.

To sow seeds of discord, Narada, brought some flowers from Indralok and gave them to Lord Krishna, and waited to see as to which wife he gave the flowers to. Krishna gave the flowers to Rukmini. On seeing this, Narada went to Satyabhama, Krishna's other wife and advised her about it.

When Satyabhama's jealousy was aroused properly ample, Narada went on to give a solution to her. He suggested that she must insist on Krishna obtaining the plant itself from Indralok and plant it at her house, instead of a couple of flowers! Satyabhama decided to do that and when Krishna came to her quarters, she showed her anger and disappointment on the entire incident and insisted that he get the plant from Indralok.

True to his nature, Narada, in the meanwhile went and warned Indra that some earthlings have been out to steal the celestial plant from his Indralok! When Krishna and Satyabhama had been about to depart soon after taking a branch of the celestial Parijata tree, they had been accosted by Indra and a battle took location, leading to Indra shedding the battle.

But Indra would not allow it go so very easily, and cursed that the plant would never bear fruits, though it may bear flowers, and as a result considering that then the Parijat tree does not bear any fruit.

Having brought the tree to Dwarka, Rukmini also took fancy to the tree, due to the fact of its flowers. So Krishna planted the tree in such a method, that even though the tree was planted at Satyabhama's property, when it bore flowers, they would fall in Rukmini's house! Satyabhama had asked for the tree and she received it, and Rukmini wished the flowers, and she had it also!

A Parijat Tree situated at Kintur Village in Barabanki District in Uttar Pradesh in India is believed to belong to the age of the Mahabharata. It is described in the Mahabharat that Sri Krishna uprooted the Parijata Tree from the kingdom of Indira, the god of Devas, and presented it to his wife Rukimini.

Another legend in the Puranas suggests that Arjuna of Mahabarat brought the Parijata Tree for his mother Kunti, who presented to Shiva.

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