Daygame SAME DAY LAY🆘How to GET LAID✔First day lay🆘PUA lay Mats Wolf

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How to GET LAID 🆘 1/2 Daygame SAME DAY LAY ✔️Samedaylay 🆘Daygame Mats Wolf

Dating Coach Mats Wolf approaches student in shopping mall (H&M,) takes her for an instant date in a café (after several refusals) and shows how to pull a girl home for a same day lay (video 2 to watch here

0:21 How to talk to girls
2:07 Mats asks first time for an instant DATE
5:03 Mats shows how to COMPLIMENT a girl
5:34 INSTANT DATE with student
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Mats Wolf Dating Coach shows how to GET LAID in this epic daygame infield and has a SAME DAY LAY with a student (Part 2 of the video)

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