Tiko3D - Great Machine? or Overhyped? - I have a Jam :(

28 Nov 2016 03:01:06 9
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(2/23/2017 - Status Update!! - https://youtu.be/y1ShP2WK_uE)

I got the Tiko3D.. Is it a great machine? OR is it Overhyped?
Lets discuss..

My Tiko is jammed right now too :(

Thanks to Tiko for making an appearance in the chat during the live stream.
Official comments from Tiko is they are currently working to address the issues mentioned in stream..

Tiko, we are hopeful still to see your updates.

Sorry there is a single stage bowden, the second stepper I saw was a Axis motor.. sorry my mistake.

Shoutout to my chat moderator
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