Kylie Jenner Threatened With Lawsuit For STEALING Ideas For Cosmetics Promo Photos

29 Nov 2016 01:24 681
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A makeup artist is threatening to take legal action against Kylie Jenner over cosmetic line photos...

Kylie cosmetics might be in trouble over promo pictures that look almost identical to one makeup artist’s on Instagram...

A woman named Vlada Haggerty took to Instagram to complain about how eerily similar her cosmetic promo pics are to the ones recently uploaded by Kylie cosmetics. One of the side by side comparisons Vlada uploaded features a pale-skinned woman with gold-brushed fingers covering her face while wearing a strikingly dark lip shade. Her photo, which was uploaded months before, is almost identical to one uploaded by Kylie cosmetics to promote her lip kits.

Now it’s being reported that Vlada and the professional photoger she works with are threatening a lawsuit against Kylie for stealing the style of the photos. But just because they can file a lawsuit doesn’t mean it’ll go anywhere--though Kylie’s pics look extremely similar, as long as she hasn’t directly used Vlada’s images she’ll probably be fine. But considering how much legal trouble Tyga’s been in lately, this can’t be fun press for Kylie.

So what do you guys think about Kylie being sued? Should she be worried? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments and after that click here to check out celebs didn't know had piercings on Dirty Laundry. Thanks so much for watching News Feed, and be sure to subscribe! I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you guys next time!

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