Bike Down a Deadly Road | La Paz, Bolivia 360 VR Video | Discovery TRVLR

22 Dec 2017 03:33 22
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Meet Fernando Jordan, a fearless mountain biker in La Paz, Bolivia. Known as "The Death Road", Fernando choses this road as his playground. Here he expertly guides thrill seekers who come from all around the world to drop into one of earth's deadliest paths.

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Directed by:
Addison O'Dea

Executive Producers:
Patrick J. Milling-Smith
Fredrik M. Frizell
Samantha Storr

Project Executive Producer:
Melissa Roldan

Executive Producer, Head of Production:
Mamta P. Trivedi

Executive Producer, Head of Post Production:
Luisa Murray

Executive Producer:
Rebecca Howard

Creative Producer:
Saschka Unseld

Executive in Charge of Production:
Jeffrey Abramson

Executive in Charge of Branded Experience:
Kyle Ranson-Walsh

Project Manager:
Amanda Phillips

Here Be Dragons
VR Director of Photography, Head of Camera:
Kate Wurzbacher

Post Production Producer:
Curtis Augspurger

Lead Editor:
Matt Gelb

Shaun Finney
Brett Nicoletti

Lead Assistant Editor:
Alex Gamble

Assistant Editors:
Scott Beatty
Evan Bluestein
Marco Rosas
Stephen Shirk

Production Supervisor:
Courtney Nolen

Production Coordinator:
DeeAhna Hernandez

Associate Post Producer:
Jordan Stricklin

Post Development Coordinator:
Marisa DeMarini

Post Production Assistant:
Jeremy Long

Vault Manager:
Shawn Alston

1st Assistant Camera:
Jonathan Irish

Lauren Jones Conley
Emilie Firn
Lauren Cioffi

Stills Photographer:
Sye Williams

In Kind Sponsorships and Special Thanks:
Fstop Backpacks
Lite Gear
Matthews Studio Equipment
Vitec Videocom Inc.

Bolivia Crew
Bruno Canale

Fixer / Talent Coordinator:
Paola Gosalvez

Location Manager:
Jose Roberto Luy

Luis Bolivar

Assistant Director:
Catalina Razzini

Production Assistants:
David Arratia
Yvette Paz Soldan

Josue Martinez

Percy Miranda
Efrain Moscoso
Jose Zuzunaga

Additional Finishing
Translations & Transcriptions Provided by:

Original Music:
Justin D. Wright

Mix and Sound Design
Ben O'Neill

Eric Cooper

Lance Koehler

Vihuela and Vocals:
Shae Fiol

Violin and Vocals:
Mireya Ramos

Latin Percussion:
Gianna Mano

John Benthal

Color by:
Apache Digital

Shane Reed
Taylor Black

Color Assistants:
Quinn Alvarez
Rigoberto Alvarez

Color Executive Producer:
LaRue Anderson

Color Producer:
Caitlin Forrest

Opening Sequence
Art Designer:
Joanna Neborsky

MGFX Artists:
Ken G. Lee
Thomas Wooh
Claudia Yi Leon
Tiffany Lin

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