The Abstracts of Justice | Saad Soliman | TEDxWilmington

24 Nov 2016 07:25 6
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Saad Soliman is a convicted felon who works for the federal probation office. His experience, both in prison and in reentering society, have helped him contribute to the remarkable turnaround in employment figures for people returning to society from incarceration. His talk explores what that means, for everyone involved.

Saad M. Soliman recognized at a young age that his future would include extensive work with the criminal justice system. In June 2013, after years of experience there, Saad M. Soliman became the Reentry Specialist with the US. Probation Office in the District of Delaware. He has created programming, based on evidence-based practices, which has helped increase the employment rate of ex-offenders, while reducing the recidivism rate. Mr. Soliman has a unique understanding and insight into the criminal justice system, including typical obstacles and ways to overcome them. He has innovated and created successful initiatives that are benefitting the U.S. Probation Officers he works alongside, the U.S. District Court, and the citizens of Delaware. Utilizing this unique and opportune circumstance, Mr. Soliman seeks to assist in positively affecting change in the lives of those re-entering the community to enhance public safety and enrich the communities to which these men and women return.

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