Spain: People's Party Casado votes in general election

11 Nov 2019 01:42 0
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Mandatory credit: PP

The leader of Spain's People's Party (PP), Pablo Casado cast his ballot in the country's general election at a polling station in Madrid on Sunday.

After casting his vote, Casado talked to the press saying that "I am aware that there have been already four general elections in four years, and there have been three electoral processes in just eight months," but "it is very important that today we vote massively, since this is the tool we have."

The winner of the April 28 elections, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), was unable to form a government after months of political instability.

According to the latest polls, the PSOE is expected to lead the elections, while the centre-right Popular Party (PP) and far-right VOX are expected to come in second and third positions.

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