The one capital that changes cities | Rami Sharaf | TEDxSanStefano

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The relationship between cities and societies has been undoubtfully one of the most complex synergies known to mankind. Since the very early definition of space, societies have been constantly defining and redefining who they are in the world to not only place themselves but also to have a definition of the other. Through his talk, Rami explores Social Capital and its influence on deeper meanings such as ‘belonging’ and ‘identity’ in a city like Alexandria. Once famous for its diversity and co-existence, today the city struggles with a decreasing number of the Italian, Greek and other diasporas that have once called home.
Rami Sharaf studied Architecture in his hometown Alexandria. He has always been mesmerized by how people interact with their buildings and more outwardly, their cities.. Shortly afterwards, he pursued his master’s degree in Urban Management and Development in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where he specialized in Housing and Livelihoods. Influenced and touched by the refugee crisis, he took Syrian Refugees to be a focus for his thesis with a case study in Tripoli, Lebanon. During his studies he was part of a search and rescue team in the Mediterranean working between Turkey and Greece as an interpreter for the refugees rescued by the Greek Guards. During the same time in Lesvos, he was an interpreter in the contentious camp of Moria. Later the same year he moved to Cairo to be a Livelihood Caseworker with the Catholic Relief Services where he currently still works. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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