ESO - Best Sorcerer Pvp Builds(part 1)-Bolterity

28 May 2014 09:22 20
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update 3 video:


Second improved PvpBuilds, Part 2:

Hello Every1 and Welcome to my New Channel
in this channel i will be covering veteran sorcerer pvp action, builds and al lot of tips and tricks in the future.

All the videos content is basically my opnion gained from experience and from all my freinds helps and expriences as well

Plz post in the description any questions and comments, and i would gladly reply.

Check out my 1st part of building your Sorc here:

Plz post in the description any ideas for improvement or problems u have and i will Gladly Reply xD

Plz forgive any spelling mistakes or any problems in the songs or editing, since its my first as u can see


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